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Network Installation

Every business is different, therefore every business network should be different as well. We spend a great deal of time with you discussing the needs of your business. The more we know about your day to day operations, the better we will be at creating a network that is right for you. Here is a step by step process of the network design and installation service.

 Learn about your business

We will ask you about the type of computer work your staff is doing, what applications you need to run, and what Internet service you will be using. We will also talk to you about data security, and who you want to have access to sensitive information. Getting to know your business is an essential process in order for us to best serve your company.

Design your network

We will talk to you about your budget and help you with a performance vs cost analysis, which should ensure that you are getting the most value for the money. For example, if employee A is typing papers and sending emails, while Employee B is crunching numbers and using sophisticated databases, then employee A does not need as expensive of a computer as employee B. We will ask you these questions in order to help you make the best decision possible.

 Install and configure your network

We will install the computer systems and peripherals for your new network. This includes any data transfers that you may need from the old systems, installing any software packages needed, and establishing a data backup system that secures your data. This network is configured and customized just for your business.

 Train staff

We will provide training to the appropriate staff on how to use the basics of the network, including how to execute data backups, who can access what data, and other subjects. We are available to answer any questions you have.

 Maintain network

We will always available to make changes, answer questions, add users and whatever else is needed to maintain your network. We also have a monthly service plan that provides monthly tests on your network to prevent problems before they happen.